Don’t Miss An Interesting Astronomical Event

On the evening of Sunday, December 5, 2021, 4 celestial objects will form an almost perfect line in the sky. Jupiter will be due South, with Saturn, Venus, and our Moon forming a line down to the Southwest, each about 10 degrees from the next. Unfortunately, here in the North Country this will be visible at 5:00 pm, just about at dusk, with the tiny cresent Moon right at the horizon. So, you will need to have a clear view of the Southwest horizon. (If you view a little earlier, the Moon will be higher, but the sky may still be too bright to see Saturn.)

Another interesting view will be on Friday night, December 10, 2021, at 6:00pm. At that time, a nice 40% cresent Moon will be due South. The 3 planets will be about 10 degrees from each other, starting about 10 degrees from the moon – with Jupiter, Saturn and Venus forming an almost perfect line down to the Southwest. However, the Moon will be slightly out of the line.

If the sky is overcast on both of those dates, don’t worry. You can view on other nights, although the Moon will not be lined up with the planets. The 3 planets remain in that almost perfect line through much of December, until Venus and Saturn begin to fade in the western twilight around December 23rd.

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