Most Exhibits Have Re-opened!

We are please to announce that most Sci-Tech exhibits are now open, including our most popular displays: The Shadow Room, and the Giant Kaleidoscope. (However, our Young Children’s Room for the very young remains temporarily closed.) In addition, we have added some new exhibits such as Colorful Chemistry, a hands-on experiment with chromatography.

Temporarily, our museum hours will be Saturdays only, from 10:00am to 3:00pm

Museum admission is $3.00 per person regardless of age.

Along with exhibits, Sci-Tech also features a Science Gift Shop with science kits, science novelties, and unique items meant to intrigue young and old alike.

Some of the other very popular exhibits now open include: Microscopes and microscopic life, the Giant Magnet, The Pipe Organ, the Hand Battery, Optical Illusions, Plasma Globe, Trace the Gear, Stereo Hearing, and more.

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Free Telescopic Astronomy Night

Our next observational astronomy night will be held at 9:00pm on Tuesday, August 9, 2022 on Wellesley Island. This telescopic observing night will be on the lawn behind the library at Thousand Island Park. located at 42743 St. Lawrence Ave, Thousand Island Park, NY. Telescopes will be set up for…

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Looking To Host An Event

Looking to host an event? Check out our Traveling Science Program! Sci-Tech now has a Traveling Science Program available to visit your school, youth group, community center, or other venue!

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Free Admissions Worldwide!

If you are a member of the Sci-Tech Center, you are eligible to enjoy free admission to more than 300 other museums in such places as Syracuse, Rochester, Ithaca, Chicago, Baltimore, Toronto, Boston, Ottawa, and many more. It is called the ASTC Passport Program.

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