See Sci-Tech at the Zoo

As work continues on repairs to our building, many Sci-Tech exhibits have been set up at Zoo New York in Thompson Park. Installed in the Zoo’s Conservation Center, the Sci-Tech displays are part of the zoo experience, open when the zoo is open, at no additional cost.

So, for regular zoo admission, one gets to visit both the zoo’s wonderful live animal displays, as well as a variety of hands-on Sci-Tech exhibits. And, Sci-Tech members even get a 50% discount on their zoo admission.

In the meantime, Sci-Tech is still recovering from the destructive flood that did so much damage to Sci-Tech artifacts, exhibits, and program supplies, while devastating our building. Repairs to the building are continuing, and donations to help us complete the recovery would be greatly appreciated.

Please consider sending a contribution to Sci-Tech at 154 Stone Street, Watertown, NY 13601, or make a contribution through GoFundMe:

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