Science Gift Shop Has Reopened!

Although some exhibits remain closed due to COVID-19, We are pleased to announce that Sci-Tech’s gift shop is now open every Saturday, from 10:00am to 3:00pm. And, part of the museum is open the same times with a variety of exhibits for you to try at no charge.

Our Science Gift Shop will allow you to purchase science kits, science novelties, and unique science-related items meant to intrigue and delight young and old alike – for you to use at home. These include gyroscopes, puzzles, mineral specimens, dinosaur models, touchable bubbles, flying things, and more – lots of fun things to try at home.

And, a variety of COVID-safe, interactive exhibits are now open for you to try at no charge. These include: the Giant Magnet, Microscopes and Microscopic Pond Life, the Gravity Wishing Well, Polarized Light, a plasma globe, Optical Illusions, insect life cycles, Morse Code, Chromatography and more.

COVID-19 safe practices will be enforced per CDC and NY State guidelines, and all persons are requested to wear face coverings.

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