In Our Store – Great Gifts for Everyone!

Science toys, games, books, miscellaneous jewelry, and much more!

The mysterious RATTLEBACK – $3.00 – Spin it clockwise and it reverses itself! Tap one end and it starts spinning! Is it magic, or simply physics in action?

Energy conversion with the RADIOMETER – $14.00 – Change sunlight into motion. The brighter the light, the faster it spins.

The BALANCING BIRD – $3.50 – Balance it by its beak on your finger. Amazing as it seems, it is simply a demonstration of center of gravity.

Is it real, or is it a mirage? The 3-D ILLUSION MAKER – $11.00 – Create a 3-D hologram of any small object… make it seem to float in space! But when you try to touch it, you’ll find out that it is not there!

The ever popular GYROSCOPE – $7.50 – Pull the string to start it spinning, and be amazed! Watch it balance on a thread. Feel rotational inertia as you understand the physics that guided spacecraft.

The MAGNA-TRIX – $5.00 – demonstrates magnetic repulsion. By orienting ring magnets north pole to north pole, and south pole to south pole, they float above each other.

TOUCHABLE BUBBLES – $3.00 – Blow bubbles with this special solution and let them float in the air for a few seconds. Then touch a bubble. It will stick to your finger without breaking! Instead of bubble soap, these bubbles are made with a polymer.

PUZZLES – $0.25 TO $4.00 – From the interlocking ring puzzle, to puzzle erasers, and even the old fashioned triangle game puzzle, we have easy, not so easy, and almost impossible puzzles.

FLYING THINGS – $0.50 TO $3.00 – Gliders, flying insects, balloon helicopters, Aero-Props, and more!

DINOSAURS – $0.50 TO $5.00 – What science store would be complete without dinosaur models in various sizes?! Apatosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, Allosaurus, Apatosaurus, Diplodocus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Iguanadon and more!

Have fun with a PARACHUTING MONKEY – $0.75 – These brightly colored monkeys come complete with their own parachute. Throw them up in the air, or drop them out the window, and they gently float back to the ground!

Minerals! – Many of the specimens are from New York State, such as Herkimer Diamonds, Pyrite from Pierrepont, Hexagonite from Balmat, and Celestite from Chittenango.  There are also some beautiful geodes, polished and laser-etched stones, and samples of other interesting minerals from around the world – even quartz with moving air bubbles trapped inside.

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