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This is a list of items the Museum is need of. Because Sci-Tech is a 501(c)(3) corporation your donation is tax deductible and a receipt will be provided upon request. Please call us if you have any questions    (315) 788-1340.

Hot List:

          Electric Hot Water Heater - small tank is fine
          Bicycle generators - the old type that rub against a bicycle wheel to power    a           headlight

          High intensity illuminators - medical/fiber optic OK
          Small kiosks - display units
          Plexiglas - Acrylic plastic - sheets or scraps, but clean
          Drill Press
          Film reel winders - for 16mm or 35mm film, or editing station with

reel          winders
          Low pressure sodium light (yellow light)
          Micro-Amp meters
          Small X-ray viewing box



Electronic keyboards

Scrap Plexiglas sheets

Electronic controllers-timers

Volt-ohm meter

Slide projector

Image intensifier-night viewing goggles

Low pressure sodium light

Scanner – document input

Hand tools

Small kiosks/display units

Small electronic parts – IC’s, resistors, capacitors, LEDs, etc

Micro-amp meters

High intensity illuminators (medical/fiber optic ok)

Drill press

Small fluorescent fixtures

TV sets or monitors (older but working)

HP laser printer 4, 5, or 6

Latex paint – bright primary colors

UV (black) light – fluorescent tubes

DVD players

100’ lengths of flexible 5” or larger diameter hose or drain tube (no holes)

Telegraph key or Morse code practice key

Laptop or notebook computers (older but working)

Antenna Rotator

Video CamCorders (with working camera – ok if doesn’t record/play)

High intensity strobe light

Thermoelectric cooler /mini (chinese) refrigerator.

Small safe (floor standing)

Lockable file cabinet

Fax machine (plain paper)

Cash register (electronic)

Film reel rewinders